The Age Of Thing

Year:  2019

When we move away from a place, the things we take away from the package form the basis of the next home.
And that why things are so important. It defines the personality of the home, just like the personality of a person.
We envisioned four homes of different time thicknesses where things played the role of the four desire carriers of collection, consumption, reliance, and show off. These four scenarios contain our critical thinking about the relationship between home and things.

The 132-year-old home
Accumulated things and family heritage. Three generations live in this tiny room, which is filled with useless things that they don't want to discard. Grandpa told the children that this is their spiritual paradise.

The 8 ¼-year-old home
Things are a memory of past traces. The house lives in children who are not willing to grow up. The age of the house stays in the vacation that brings them reliance and happiness.

The 10-minute home
Novel things, which touches the changes of people's minds. Home has become a fast-moving product of fashion. The fashionistas who just move in the new home set a ten-minute alarm clock, which is the time when the new house will be completed.

The -0.1 second home
A lost person and a reappearing thing. At the end of time, the moment of closing your eyes, things and memories, building a palace for the soul, the soul lives in it.