Mr. Dandy, Day and Night

Location:  Beijing
Year:  2019
Area:  400m2
exterior facades & golden elements

In the minds of young client, the space of this project is regarded as a fashion place — a high-level suit custom studio and a bar for trendies gathering. Therefore,Mr. Dandy has a dual spatial identity at first, one identity is Dandy Studio during the day, the other is Dandy Room at night. B336 Design Group translates this dual identity into various forms of space, and creates a dramatic commercial space through applying exaggerated scales, diverse geometry elements and conflicting materials. Just like a well-dressed gentleman shuttles between multiple stage scenes, the project implies a space, which responses to the current day and night life of younger generation in Beijing.

Dandy Studio during the day

Dandy Room at night

The original architecture is a glass building bringing natural daylighting. With the usage of existing building conditions, the ground floor space are divided into two parts,but they are connected by a low wall that is similar to a furniture. The project gets to this point because there is no completely separation between two parts of space, at the same time, space is able to satisfy the using requirements alternated between day and night in a day. A customer who tried to find Dandy Room entering Dandy Studio by accident described it on a review site: There was a suit shop near the door, I seemed to see that the old handsome guy Colin Firth was standing in the corner smiling at me. While heard we were looking for a bar, the shop assistant took us across a wicket,we reached Dandy Room through a meandering process. All of its winding stimulated our desire. And that is the result which design group is willing to achieve.

Ground Floor Plan

Two spaces both in separation and connection

Secluded wicket

Dandy Studio—high-level suit custom studio

Dandy Studio occupies the area which has two-layered void structure and daylighting. The pure golden decoration on each Mr. Dandy’s suit is enlarged as a huge golden cylinder. We hope it can be viewed as the necktie,cuff button, brooch and top handkerchief of space, it shows a gorgeous effect during the day while it shines a dim light to darkness at night. This important ‘decoration of space’ not only connects the ground floor and the second floor, but also triggers spatial variation.

Dandy studio

the most important element is a golden cylinder which plays a role for stimulating spatial variation

inside of staircase

The entire studio is rendered in black, white and grey tone. On the one hand, it sets off color and texture of the garment. On the other hand, it interweaves with the highly reflective and golden material leading to virtual and realistic projection,from the front to the side, moving steps follows spatial forms.

decoration of space golden element

the golden and reflective material in contrast to other materials

Dandy Room— fashion bar

Compared with bright suit store, Dandy Room is designed with mystery and low lightness,just like day in night. Golden color is the only element implying connection between two space. In contrast to the gorgeous effect of Dandy Studio, golden elements of Dandy Room just reflect other lights in the dark interior.

place of the bars

through the low wall combined with furniture, two spaces communicate with each other

golden counter of the bar

The second floor has the dual identity of day and night, where private rooms are in different styles, and these rooms are connected by the bridge and the golden cylinder. Rooms could be Dandy Studio’s private fitting rooms during the day, however, it could be alternated to Dandy Room’s VIP rooms at night. Therefore,Design group creates a transition area of entering cloakroom. Using the special influence of ambiguous space for visual sense,walls and doors in this transition area are integrated as a wardrobe which induces customers to make choices by themselves, then they can experience various unknown spaces behind the wardrobe.

Second Floor Plan

Entering cloakroom- the unity of walls and doors

Room with natural daylighting through skylights
the lobby can be looked through the window of the room